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The couple found another obstacle in Lucy's dad, Craig, who saw Aaron as a bad influence and forbade Lucy to see him.When Craig learned that Lucy was defying him and seeing Aaron on the sly, he had a restraining order placed on Aaron.

Unfortunately, this news was bittersweet since prior to being found, Lucy was hit by a trolley and left paralyzed and with amnesia.

Not long after Julie confirmed it, Holden was mugged and ended up suffering from a severe case of memory loss.

When he finally returned to Oakdale, Holden had no memory of his past and it was uncertain whether his memory would ever return.

Also, at the farm, Aaron met the sweet Lucy Montgomery and immediately became attracted to her.

Though scheming Alison Stewart tried to break the couple up, her plan failed and she begged the couple's forgiveness, which Aaron gave.

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Alone, and feeling responsible for the couple's marital problems, Aaron became sullen and was finally arrested for breaking and entering.